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Welcome to :: Sirichai 25 is of High Quality Cashew Nut. No.1 selling cashew nut in THAILAND and Sirichai Goat Milk   
Mah Boonkrong Sirichai 25 Marketing Co.Ltd. Background
Mah Boonkrong Sirichai 25 Marketing Co.,Ltd. Is one of the Mah Boonkrong Sirichai group of companies. The objective of this group is to have a totally intergrated cashew nut business.
The group comprises four company :
Mah Boonkrong Sirichai Cashew Nuts Co.,Ltd.
Which has been set up to do research in growing cashew nuts. A special breed was found and later named “SIRICHAI 25”
Mah Boonkrong Sirichai 25 Co.,Ltd.
Has set up a processing plant that decorticates and peels the raw cashew nuts into kernels by using both the manual method and machine method.
Mah Boonkrong Sirichai 25 Industrial Products Co.,Ltd.
Has set up a processing plant that converts the cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL oil) into frictional stabilizer for brake and clutch linings. It will further expand into other adhesive binder products for varieth of uses.
Mah boonkrong Sirichai 25 Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Looking for High potential products. Handles all marketing responsibilities and sales of consumer and Industrial products.
Mah Boonkrong Sirichai 25 Marketing Co., Ltd.
1093, 1095 Pattanakarn Road., Suanluang Subdistrict,
Suanluang District, Bangkok, Thailand, 10250
Tel. +66 2319 1061-4,  Fax. +66 2720 0939
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